The Power of Learning a Language


You may wonder how you can improve your luck and keep your brain healthy and fit for the rest of your life or at least, most of it . Learning a foreign language can help. Multilingualism offers many personal and professional advantages but it also helps keep your mind sharp.

Several scientific studies have looked at the benefits of learning a language on the brain and have all succeeded in demonstrating, through scan and neurological sciences, that there is indeed a link between multilingualism and brain health. Better still, these benefits have been observed, not only on bilingual children, but also on adult learners.

Here is a list of the beneficial effects found in several studies:

  • Improvement of working memory (short-term memory);

  • Ability to concentrate more, filter information and easily ignore distractions;

  • Ease of switching from one task to another;

  • More rational decision-making, less dependent on emotions;

  • The first signs of dementia and Alzheimer's disease are delayed.

Are you convinced? So, let's get started! It's never too late to learn a language. The benefits are numerous and it will help you keep your brain active and healthy.