Learning French with Short Films

If you feel daunted by watching a full-length feature film in French, or if you simply do not have enough time to do so, why not watch a short-film?  Short films will help you improve your French just like any full-length feature films. They are as enjoyable. It is incredible how directors of short films manage to fit an entire story into such a little amount of time! 

Here are four steps that could help you : 

1. Watch the film a first time without any subtitles and try to understand as much as you can. Watch it a second time and use your remote control to catch words / sentences you did not get the first time. 

2. If you struggled to understand some words despite your best effort, watch it with French subtitles. 

3. If necessary and if it is available, watch it with English subtitles. 

4. Finally, write down the new vocabulary you have been learning and/or create flashcards using a website like quizlet.com

Here are 4 French short-films that my French students enjoy, which one is your favourite? 

  1. Bonne Chance (Niveau A1) Durée 3:02

2. Les petits sablés (Niveau A1) Durée 1:30

3. Gratte-papier (Niveau A1) Durée 8:06

4. J’attendrai le suivant (Niveau B2) Durée 4:34