Improve your French listening skills during your commute 


My students always find listening the most difficult skill to master. Fortunately, with the internet, there are many tools you can use to progress. Podcasting is one of them. It can help you improve, your comprehension of French or indeed your students' and your families'. 

I recommend you listen to one podcast a day during your commute and remember that if the broadcasters speak too fast, you can change the pace of your episode within your application.

Here is a selection of French podcasts you may enjoy : 


Un enfant, un poème avec Édouard Baer (Beginners) 

From Monday to Thursday, Édouard Baer asks a child to read a poem



A ton âge (Intermediate)

Every Sunday, two people from different ages tell a story around the same word. 



RFI - Le journal en français facile (Intermediate - Advanced) 

The RFI news is broadcasted every day.

La Classe      

Listen to monologues and dialogues about education, politics, employability, society and culture. Listen to my guests' favourite songs. Download the worksheets available on my website.


Les pieds sur terre (Intermediate - Advanced) 

This podcast was inspired by the famous programme This American Life. This radio documentary broadcasts two or three radio episodes around the same theme without any commentary.


À la dérive with Aurélie Sfez (Intermediate)

Every Sunday, an artist takes a stroll with Aurélie Sfez  and takes her to his or her favourite places in Paris. A lovely podcast which will make you discover new artists and the places in Paris that inspire them. 

Le masque et la plume (Advanced) 

Every Sunday, Jérôme Garcin and his reviewers go over the last films, books and plays.  

La librarie francophone (Advanced) 

Authors and booksellers from France, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium talk about books that make the news in their respective countries.