5 Illustration blogs that will help you improve your French reading skills


Reading authentic material - i.e. texts that have been written for native speakers  - is an excellent way of improving your reading skills. In a previous post I wrote about reading French novels but If you find it too daunting or if you struggle to find time to read a novel, there are many other enjoyable alternatives online that will allow you to progress. 

Illustration blogs may be exactly what you need.  The blog posts are short and full of humour. They are up to date, give you an understanding of the way your French contemporaries communicate and provide an insight into the culture you are studying. 

Here is a list of 5 illustration blogs that describe our society with a great sense of humour : 

1. À boire et à manger

In his blog about gastronomy, Guillaume Long illustrates recipes, anecdotes, portraits and tips.   

2. L’actu en patates

Martin Vidberg illustrates in his very own way daily news.  

3. Prézizidentielle

The illustrator Lisa Mandel and the political scientist Julie Pagis are following the French presidential campaign from an off the wall observation point : a primary school in a Parisian suburb. They tell us what the children perceive from the presidential campaign. 

4. Une année au lycée 

Fabrice Erre is a History and Geography teacher and a cartoonist. In his blog, he draws with humour the daily life of a teacher who works in a Senior High School. 

5. 100 bulles et un match 

Two childhood friends illustrate the world of sport.